Vicair Adjuster O2®

The Adjuster has been a beloved choice by many clinicians for many years due to its high performance in redistributing pressure and catering for clients with severe functional and/ or anatomical body asymmetry. The new Vicair Adjuster O2 model has the exact same characteristics as the standard Adjuster cushion but with the O2 extras and is available in a wider range of sizes.

Risk category: Very High Risk

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The O2 extras

The Adjuster O2 is a fully machine washable cushion sustaining cycles of at up to 60°C. The open structure design of the underside allows water to pass through freely thus eliminating the need to empty cells or place in a laundry bag. The upperside utilises the same upholstery as other Vicair cushions, which maintains the ability to wipe-down easily but features a perforated design that allows better breathability for the client.

Vicair Adjuster O2

Five compartments

The boxing effect of each compartment allows for better immersion, with two rear compartments supporting the ITs and Coccyx area. The centre bar prevents the client sliding forward and minimises shear, allowing the front two compartments to support the thighs. In addition, each compartment is adjustable; meaning you are able to add or remove cells as required to alter the density based on individual needs.

Vicair Adjuster O2

Exclusive cover

Complete with the OT Top cover, this breathable outer layer merely covers the top part of the cushion leaving the underside open for optimal ventilation, comfort and moisture control. The O2 cover contributes to preventing the development of pressure sores.

Vicair Adjuster O2 cushion

New O2 family

The initial O2 concept was first implemented with the Vector O2 – the first machine washable air cushion. The innovative Adjuster O2 is an expansion to what is now the O2 range which also includes other recent additions.

Vicair Vector O2

Vicair Vector O2

Vicair Allrounder O2

Vicair AllRounder O2

Vicair Active O2

Vicair Adjuster O2