Vicair Active O2®

The Vicair Active O2 is a machine-washable wheelchair cushion based on the classic Vicair Active model. Designed for active individuals who transfer frequently, the Active cushion features a firm foam front providing a stable platform for easy transfers combined with Vicair Smartcells at the rear for optimal skin protection around the ischial tuberosities and coccyx area. The Vicair Active O2 also features an easily accessible storage pouch for precious belongings such as keys, phone and wallet.

Risk category: Very High Risk

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The Active O2 is a new addition to Vicair’s expanding O2 range which allows the cushion to be machine washed. The foam inlay is protected by an easy-to-clean fluid resistant liner, while the rest of the cushion is fully machine-washable and breathable for optimal hygiene, perfect temperature and moisture regulation.

Vicair Active O2 cushion

High performance

The Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion helps to prevent pressure ulcers and is also a high-quality addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan (stage I-IV). The four rear compartments contain SmartCells with a low friction coating to minimise shear. Ultimately this provides a high level of comfort and skin protection by offloading the sitting bones and tailbone area, while the ergonomically shaped foam feels steady and improves wheelchair handling, with the foam barrier limiting the risk of sliding forward.

Vicair Active O2

Lifetime warranty

Unlike many other air cushions which require inflation and monitoring, Vicair air cushions require little to no maintenance. This is because Vicair technology is made of individual air-filled SmartCells and since each cushion holds hundreds of them, should a few SmartCells burst, the cushion will still perform and protect the individual’s skin integrity. Vicair’s newly improved SmartCells (featuring black logo) now offer a lifetime warranty, entrusting even further confidence into these high-quality air cushions! Should any replacement cells be required at any point during the cushion’s lifetime, simply quote the cushion’s serial number to Invacare.

Vicair Active O2 storage pouch