Flo-tech® Ingress Resistant Covers

The Invacare Flo-tech wheelchair cushions can now be fitted with an Ingress resistant cover* as standard. The cover material has been treated with a fluorocarbon-based fluid repellent finish, in order to prevent wetting of the cover and therefore, reduce soiling and the risk of contamination.

* With the exception of the Propad® profile, Propad® Original and Propad® Premier.

Reducing the risk of contamination

The Flo-tech ingress resistant cover has been specifically designed to prevent fluid ingress and aid pressure ulcer prevention. This in turn has a positive outcome on patient comfort due to the maintenance of a dry cushion surface. A reduction in surface fluids will also help prevent skin maceration, a major contributory factor in the development of pressure ulcers*.

Fluorocarbon cover finish can be reactivated

Occasionally tumble dry on a low heat setting to ensure the finish remains effective.

Multi-stretch cover

Reduces potential shear and friction, ensuring good air circulation. All covers also have an anti slip base preventing slippage.

* Essential nursing care is pivotal in pressure ulcer prevention. This product will positively contribute to the outcome of a pressure ulcer prevention care plan. Education, clinical judgement and action based planning based on vulnerability are fundamental factors in the prevention of pressure ulcers. A range of assessment scales can be used as a formal method of assessing risk from pressure ulcer development, and should be used in conjunction with an informal assessment (informed nursing judgement). Informal assessment is considered to be of greater importance and clinical value.