Adjustable support & comfort

Matrx Elan®

Invacare wheelchair-mountable headrests offer a complete solution for ultimate comfort, support and positioning of the head and neck.

The Matrx Elan series provide easy tool-less re-adjustments to support virtually an infinite range of positions thanks to its unique 6-point adjustment system. Choices of 3 pad options, all of which feature a flexible aluminium insert that can be shaped by hand to contour around the client’s head for a great fit.

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This pioneering range is compatible with all Matrx® backrests and is suitable for a full range of applications from paediatrics through to adults.

The elegant Invacare® Matrx® Elan headrest is compact yet equally strong and reliable at holding positions and providing maximum support.

After the initial single-tool set up, the innovative design allows for quick and easy re-adjustment using the adjustment levers provided on the upper and lower linkages.

Elan adjustments



6-point adjustment system including:

1. Pivoting ball at the pad

2. 180° rotation behind point 1.

3.100° for height adjustment

4. 180° swivel to bring the pad closer or further away

5. 50° tilt

6. 360° rotation near the post to provide a greater range of support in the width of the chair.

Choose adult or paediatric size post.


Pad options

pad sizes

Standard pad

The standard pad is an ellipse shape and can be formed to conform to the individual’s head by creating a gentle concave.

Choose from 3 sizes: mini, medium and large. 

occipital pad

Occipital pad

Occipital pad cups the person’s head offering gentle lateral support to clients with hyperextension in the neck.

Choose from 2 sizes for better pressure distribution.

4 point headrest

4-point pad

This X-shaped headrest provides both maximum support to occipital and temporal areas with minimal pressure. By cradling the individual’s head, it provides gentle lateral support with lots of contact area and has a maximum impact on posture while not being too bulky or interfering with the ears.

standard ellipse pad zipfixture
mini padAdapter on flex 3
matrx mini elanMatrx Elan
matrx elan plate

There is a choice of three pads which are up to 45% lighter than competitive pads thanks to the aluminium plates which are mouldable to provide the ultimate comfort and individual fit.