Matrx Elite Deep®

The Invacare Matrx Elite Deep is a replacement back support designed to provide a deep three dimensional shape for maximum trunk support.

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Clinical Information

Utilising the multi-adjustable Easyset Hardware, the Matrx Elite Deep can be precisely positioned and orientated within the wheelchair for optimal postural support. Easy to remove, this back support is ideal for individuals with active lifestyles.

  • Provides excellent posterior pelvic support, helping to prevent posterior pelvic tilt and associated slouched posture
  • Anatomically shaped around the scapulas to allow freedom of movement in the upper limbs, e.g. for propulsion
  • Deep three dimensional shape around the trunk for excellent lateral stability and support, often removing the need for add on lateral support
  • The mounting pin design enables the backrest width to be prescribed to fit the individual, rather than the wheelchair, for optimal lateral support
  • Lumbar/PSIS pad supplied as standard
  • Headrest available as an accessory