Matrx Posture Back Deep®

The Invacare Matrx Posture Back Deep is a replacement back support designed to provide deep full length lateral support.

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Clinical Information

Utilising the multi-adjustable Easyset Hardware, the Matrx Posture Back Deep can be precisely positioned and orientated within the wheelchair for optimal postural support, and is easy to remove.

  • Provides excellent posterior pelvic support, helping to prevent posterior pelvic tilt and associated slouched posture
  • Full length lateral shaping for excellent postural guidance and support for passive users
  • Shorter backrest heights can be effective for active users, balancing the needs for postural stability and freedom of movement
  • Soft moulded foam insert for additional skin protection through maximised surface contact
  • The mounting pin design enables the backrest width to be prescribed to fit the individual, rather than the wheelchair, for optimal lateral support
  • Lumbar/PSIS pad supplied as standard
  • Headrest available as an accessory
  • Available in Heavy Duty and Bariatric size


Easily Installed

The Matrx Easy Set hardware is easily installed in minutes, and all adjustments can be made with the person seated in the wheelchair.

Quick release for easy portability

Infinite adjustment of depth 102 mm, angle (40°) and rotation

Fits 19 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm diameter canes

Heavy Duty “Easy-Set” Mounting Hardware

Standard with Heavy-Duty Posture Backs

Recommended for people over 136kgs, high tone or heavy use

Fixed Space Saver Mounting Hardware


Requires tools for removal of back from wheelchair

Saves space for tighter width applications

Fully adjustable

Split Mounting Hardware

Provides clearance of mid back cane ridgidizer bars

Not recommended for Heavy-Duty Posture backs

10" Soft Pad Headrest Kit


Multi-Axis hardware

Dual pivot balls for pad orientation

Depth adjustable through horizontal slide bar

254mm soft pad

Headrest Adapter

Allows the headrest to be mounted directly onto Invacare matrx Elite Backs. Available in 3 sizes.

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