Anatomic Back®

For use with tension adjustable backrests

The Vicair Anatomic back is a universal back system offering optimal positioning through a combination of air-filled cells and a tension adjustable backrest. This high-quality solution ultimately provides superior postural support and pressure redistribution. The Anatomic back is a solution for clients at 'Very High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers and accommodates a range of postural anomalies including extreme Scoliosis.

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Utilising SmartCell technology, these individual air-filled cells with a low friction coating allow the cushion to be ready for use and dynamically moulds to an individual’s back. The cell density can be customised around the client's contours and adjusted while the client is leaning against the cushion.


Tension adjustable back 

Vicair strap back

Vicair cushions

Vicair cushions

The individual compartments follow body contours to keep the individual stable and to helps redistribute pressure as well as offloading the spinal cord.

Combine with the easy-to-install Vicair tension adjustable back for positioning and balance.

The Anatomic back is a valuable addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan. For best results, it is recommended to be used in combination with a Vicair seat cushion.