Elite Air®

Exclusively designed for the Matrx Elite Deep

The Elite Air was designed to combine Vicair SmartCell technology with the stable aluminium shell of the Matrx Elite backrest. This combination is ideally suited for tilting chairs and individuals with a kyphotic curvature or the potential for skin breakdown. The design caters for complex seating needs where enhanced stability is required, providing lateral trunk support while still allowing clearance for the shoulders and hips alongside delivering a high level of skin protection to prevent pressure ulcers.

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Utilising Vicair’s SmartCell technology, these innovative air-filled cells offer excellent pressure redistribution, comfort and support as they adapt to the body’s contours. The compartments allow you to fill or remove the individual SmartCells as required for customising to suit individual needs and achieve optimal positioning for the individual.


Matrx Elite Deep

Matrx Elite Deep

Vicair cushions

multifunctional cushion

The inner cushion is made up of zippered compartments filled with triangular air filled SmartCells™. The number of cells in each compartment can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

The Elite Air is specifically designed for the Matrx Elite Deep backrest which provides maximum trunk support for excellent lateral stability, often eliminating the need for lateral hardware.

The Vicair Elite Air back is a valuable addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan and is recommended to be used in combination with a Vicair Seat cushion for best results.