Liberty Back®

A simple solution for folding wheelchairs

The Liberty back cushion is filled with unique air cells in silicon which adapts to the individual’s shape. This gently supports postural or anatomical anomalies, providing pain relief and additional comfort to individuals in wheelchairs. Thanks to the simple strap which attaches to the back of the wheelchair it is easy to install and is extremely lightweight for transporting too. What’s more the wheelchair can still be folded when the cushion is attached.

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Vicair Liberty Back

Tension adjustable back

Vicair strap back

Liberty cushion

Liberty cushion

2 compartments with valve automatically adapts to change, including reclining back support.

Designed to be combined with this easy to install tension adjustable back option for positioning and balance.

Recommended to be used in combination with a Vicair Liberty seat cushion for best results. This valuable addition can help prevent pressure ulcers.