Multifunctional Back®

Particularly suitable for tilt-in-space wheelchairs

The Multifunctional back provides optimal immersion when using a solid back wheelchair and can be used in tilt-in-space wheelchairs with adjustable seat depth. The Vicair Multifunctional wheelchair back cushion is a high performance solution within a pressure ulcer treatment plan and fixes easily onto a solid backrest using Velcro®.

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The Multifunctional back offers excellent pressure redistribution, comfort and support thanks to Vicair’s air-filled cells with low friction coating. These unique SmartCells adapt to the body’s contours providing optimal support and skin protection. Each of the compartments can be filled with extra SmartCells or removed as applicable for offloading and to suit the optimal positioning needs of the individual.

Multifunctional Vicair back


multifunctional back

Stability and support

multifunctional back

Multifunctional seat cushion

multifunctional cushion

The inner cushion is made up of zippered compartments filled with triangular air filled SmartCells™. The number of cells in each compartment can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

The top compartments support the shoulders, side compartments provide immersion and support, and the bottom compartment can be adjusted for sacral or lumbar support.

The Vicair Multifunctional back is recommended to be used in combination with a Multifunctional seat cushion for best results within a pressure ulcer treatment plan.

Multifunctional Vicair back