Matrx Flo-tech Solution Xtra®

Excellent postural management with high pressure re-distribution properties

The Flo-tech Solution Xtra’s design increases the contact area between the client and the foam cushion.

Risk category: Very High Risk

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Clinical Information

The gel re-distributes pressure away from bony prominences offering increased protection. The additional layer of gel is incorporated under the ischial and sacral area to further enhance the pressure reducing qualities of this cushion, making it suitable for ‘Very High Risk’ clients.

Hook and loop components have been added to both the top (the Ischial Well, Femoral Shelf and Pommel regions) and also the bottom of the cushion base to incorporate the modular system. All the affixing component parts are manufactured from high density CMHR foam and are fitted with hook and loop material (similar to Velcro®) to ensure that the wedges remain in the prescribed position within the cushion, even during repeated use.

TIP: Using the lateral wedges and deep pommel is an effective method of creating a more aggressive top surface which can help to maintain central placement and thigh alignment.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped polyurethane/silicon fluid combination for excellent pressure redistribution, ride comfort and postural support.

The unique dual layer silicon fluid sack is segmented to allow the fluid to redistribute dynamically around the person as they move, whilst preventing all the fluid from moving from underneath the person’s left or right ischials thus providing dynamic pressure redistribution and reducing shear forces.

Integral hook and loop material and the unique expandable cover design allows the addition of postural accessories to both the underside and top surface of the cushion for adjustable postural support.

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