Matrx Flo-tech Plus®

Deep contoured cushion with gel sac

The Flo-tech Plus features a deep contoured foam base with gel sac at rear of the cushion, the positioning of the gel sac provides increased immersion and protection to the Ischial Tuberosities which may provide protection for clients who are considered to be at 'High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Risk category: High Risk

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Clinical Information

Contoured seating surface offers improved stability and postural support. Also delivers a greater degree of weight distribution compared to that of a flat surface. The castellations of the cushion allow slight movement which in turn reduces shear and friction forces.

The deeper moulded foam offers greater protection to those who are considered clinically obese, or clients who would benefit from a higher sitting position.

Suitable for individuals at “High Risk” of developing pressure ulcers.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped polyurethane/silicon fluid combination for good pressure redistribution, ride comfort and thigh alignment.

Contained silicon fluid provides excellent protection to the ischials, making it useful for very bony users who are able to maintain an upright sitting position.

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