Matrx Flo-tech Solution®

Superior protection for ‘Very High Risk’ clients

The Invacare Flo-tech Solution cushion uses a combination of a slim, contoured foam base with a dual layer of gel sacs over the entire cushion surface.

Risk category: Very High Risk

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Clinical Information

The dual gel sacs and the unique moulded foam shape of the Flo-tech Solution significantly increases the support surface area. This delivers a superior level of protection for those considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’* of developing pressure ulcers.

Some clients prefer a slimline cushion, finding it more compatible with their daily living activities. The low profile is particularly beneficial for the facilitation of side transfers. This may make this cushion more suitable for use with existing equipment.

Suitable for individuals at “very high risk” of developing pressure ulcers.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped polyurethane/silicon fluid combination for excellent pressure redistribution, ride comfort and postural support.

The unique dual layer silicon fluid sack is segmented to allow the gel to redistribute dynamically around the person as they move, whilst preventing all the fluid from moving from underneath the person’s left or right ischials.

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