Propad Revolve Si®

The Propad Revolve Si is a high risk flat cushion which combines high resilient moulded foam sandwiching a four-section clinical fluid sac utilising Invacare’s Flo-tech technology. The result offers excellent displacement properties which promotes higher immersion and envelopment so that individuals at high risk of developing pressure sores are provided with significant protection.

Risk category: High Risk

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Any side up!

The Propad Revolve is versatile and an efficient pressure-reducing cushion with an omnidirectional design; allowing it to be placed any way up and any way around, therefore reducing training needs and seating preparation. It is an ideal solution for armchair use and is also widely considered as a wheelchair cushion.

Revolve Si

High Resilient Foam

The Propad Revolve is manufactured from the finest quality materials, utilising the same high resilient foam as used within Invacare’s clinically respected Matrx cushion range. This highly resilient foam is made up of a premium open cell and flexible polyurethane foam structure which provides longer lasting support without gaining a compression set or bottoming out when seated. This moulded foam composition also offers a more stable platform for side transfers.

Propad Revolve foam

Flo-tech technology

The clinical fluid sac used within the Propad Revolve Si is divided into four sections so that when seated, the silicone fluid remains protecting bony prominences without displacing to other parts of the cushion. Therefore, no matter what direction the Revolve Si is placed, optimum protection is provided under the Ischial tuberosities. Since the clinical fluid sac is encapsulated within the foam, individuals can benefit from the material’s pressure redistribution properties without enduring sitting on what might otherwise be considered as a “cool” seat.

Aquaguard Zip

A sewn cover comes as standard which features a concealed zip and a full-length flap. Completely welded seams are available as an option for maximum ingress protection. Unlike standard cushion zip covers, the superior Aquaguard withstands an extensive shower test and does not absorb moisture.

welded zip option