Vicair Vector Junior®

The Vicair Vector Junior cushion is based on the Vicair Vector but has been specifically designed for children. With six compartments, the cushion provides optimal pressure re-distribution and stability and offers a comfortable surface for children to sit on. The cushion is ideal for children who need additional pelvic stability and skin protection.

Risk category: Very High Risk

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Light weight and low maintenance
The range is made up of a paediatric cushion and back system and aims to provide a high level of comfort and stability for children whilst being safe, easy to maintain and lightweight. There is no risk of deflation. If a SoftCell™ does gets damaged, the individual cell can be replaced. There is little staff intervention required as daily checks are not neccessary plus it is ultra lightweight making it easy to lift and transfer.

Unique design
The clinically proven cushions offer a unique and innovative approach to postural support for children. The range contains small air filled, pyramid shaped SoftCells™ in strategically placed compartments. These flexible, fabric coated cells have a low friction level when in contact with each other, helping to reduce shear levels.