Vicair Vector®

Adjustable pre-contoured air cushion for those at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers

Risk category: Very High Risk

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Divided into eight compartments, this cushion provides added pelvic stability with an anatomically contoured seat surface for optimal immersion and functionality. The side compartments offer increased stability for the pelvis and prevent external rotation of the thighs, while the front sections stabilise the thighs, preventing internal rotation. This cushion is also available in paediatric sizes. The Vector is available in 6 and 10cm heights.

  • Suitable for individuals at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Interlocking SoftCells to aid lateral stability
  • Raised lateral sections aid pelvic stability and helps to prevent thigh abduction
  • Raised pommel section helps to prevent thigh adduction
  • The number and distribution of cells can be adjusted bespoke to the individual posture and pressure care needs of the user
  • Maintenance free
  • The left and right rear sections can be incrementally adjusted to correct or accommodate a pelvic obliquity
  • These longer rear sections make this cushion suitable for use with depth adjustable wheelchairs where the wheelchair and cushion may be used by multiple users