The Vicair Liberty cushion is a watertight air cushion designed for individuals who require low-medium protection against skin breakdown. This extremely lightweight solution can be used in a variety of situations offering comfort both as a wheelchair cushion or in community nursing.

The Vicair Liberty replaces the Liberty PT. The former name was the Vicair Basic.

Risk category: At Risk

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Liberty features dual compartments - front and rear - each filled with Vicair’s innovative SmartCell technology. These small and flexible air-filled pyramids are surrounded by silicon gel to enable the SoftCells to move freely, conforming to the body’s contours and movements. The rear section contains slightly fewer cells than the front compartment to help prevent the individual from sliding in their seat.

Auto-adjusting valve adapts to weight and shape for optimal pressure distribution


Equal surface pressure distribution

Compartment barrier gently prevents sliding forward

Easy maintenance – inner cover fully sealed for cleaning and disinfecting